DA on Art Deco apartments on Warren Road, Marrickville

DA on Art Deco apartments on Warren Road, Marrickville

Art deco apartment on Warren Rd Marrickville

We wanted to alert the community to a current DA lodged with Inner West Council. The DA includes the demolition of two art deco apartment blocks at 50-52 Warren Road Marrickville to build a 4-storey 42 room boarding house. Save Marrickville has submitted an objection to this DA. You can read our submission to Council here.

Our summary of objection is:

Save Marrickville objects to the proposal development and supports retaining the existing two art deco unit blocks on the grounds of:

• Inconsistency with the future vision for Marrickville

• Architectural heritage value

• Negative impact on surrounding neighbours and streetscape

• Loss of current affordable 1 and 2 bedroom housing stock for speculative development

• Development overly high and dense, and overcrowding of the site. 

You can view the application and lodge a submission via Council's online self-service portal, through the ‘Application Tracking' section. Search for DA/2021/0066 to find the documentation. Submissions close on 12th April 2021.


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