Residents rally 24 Feb 2018


Public rally in Marrickville to oppose overdevelopment and high rise

The Save Marrickville resident group is organising a public rally on Saturday 24 February, to stop overdevelopment and high rise in Marrickville.

Speakers at the rally will include Federal MP Linda Burney, Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne and Greens Councillor Colin Hesse.

All residents are encouraged to come along and add their voices. The rally will start at Marrickville Town Hall at 12.00, march down Marrickville Road past the office of developer Mirvac, and end with speeches at Alex Trevallion Plaza, next to the post office.

“Marrickville residents are alarmed at the NSW government’s revised Marrickville Plan, which plans high rise next to Marrickville Station, and Mirvac’s proposal for 35 storey buildings on the Carrington Road site,” says Save Marrickville spokesperson Kelsie Dadd.

“We are concerned about the loss of Marrickville’s character and heritage, as well as the loss of important industrial land and employment.”

“Marrickville residents are putting up Save Marrickville placards along Marrickville Road and around the suburb. We will campaign throughout 2018, by talking to the government, and through the media, our savemarrickville website, and the 500 local people on our email list,” said Kelsie Dadd.

This rally follows on from an earlier Inner West Council meeting of 500 people at Marrickville Town Hall, opposing development plans for Marrickville and the Carrington precinct.


Media contacts: Kelsie Dadd 0428 406 929 [email protected]

Paul Mortimer 0435 240 844 [email protected]

Community meeting 30 Nov 2017

Save Marrickville public meeting launches campaign to stop high rise

Over 100 Marrickville residents have launched the Save Marrickville group’s campaign to stop high rise and over-development, at a vocal meeting at Ferncourt Public School on 30 November 2017.

This campaign launch follows on from an earlier Inner West Council meeting at Marrickville Town Hall where 500 people heard about plans by Mirvac for 35 storey high rise in the Carrington precinct, and NSW government plans for high density apartments across Marrickville.

“Save Marrickville residents will campaign throughout 2018, by talking to the government and politicians, and through the media, our website, placards on houses, public events, the 500 local people on our email list, and by publicising the importance of industrial land for making things in Marrickville,” said spokesperson Paul Mortimer.

“The residents want local Council to have control of planning, not the NSW Berejiklian government and its ‘planned precincts’, which impose massive development without parks, schools or parking.”

Local Councillors Mark Drury (Labor) and Colin Hesse and Louise Steer (Greens) were at the meeting. Councillor Drury was representing Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne and local MPs Anthony Albanese and Jo Haylen, who have condemned government plans for Marrickville. Liberal MPs have recently spoken out against developments in areas such as Drummoyne and Ryde, and the Greater Sydney Commission has said industrial lands in the area should be preserved.

“The residents agreed to campaign for a good built environment for the Marrickville community, and to preserve local heritage, industrial land and employment,” said Paul Mortimer.

“The Planning Minister Anthony Roberts is expected to announce the amended precinct plans for Sydenham to Bankstown in the new year. Marrickville residents put in the highest number of submissions on precinct plans, but the Minister has not yet agreed to meet with Save Marrickville.”

Media contacts:

Paul Mortimer 0435 240 844 [email protected] 

Kelsie Dadd 0428 406 929 [email protected] 

[email protected]

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