State Government to establish priority development zones at Metro Stations

Recently the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the State Government is planning to establish priority development zones at seven Metro Stations. These zones will have dramatically increased density to meet the bulk of the state’s housing targets. See link to article Sydney poised for priority development zones to solve housing crisis (


There is speculation on which seven locations will be selected, and the State government is refusing to comment as the proposal goes to Cabinet. If Marrickville is selected as a priority housing zone, the focus on high rise would lead to the loss of the historic Marrickville town centre, and a complete change to the character of the area.


We have contacted the offices of our local State Member of Parliament, Jo Haylen, and our Federal representative Anthony Albanese. They have previously supported Marrickville residents on issues such as this, and we need their support again.


If you do not want Marrickville to become high rise units, it is important that you let our local MPs know. Jo Haylen’s office can be contacted on 9572 5900 and [email protected]; Anthony Albanese’s office is on 9564 3588 and [email protected] To have best effect, we recommend communication be clear and respectful.


If Marrickville is selected as a priority housing precinct, Save Marrickville residents will move to campaign mode, and this will require resources to get our message out. Please make any donations via this link. Even a small donation will help. If you want more information or you can help out, contact us at [email protected]  

Overview of Carrington Road podcast

Field Trip is a series of community-led walking tours in Marrickville and Sydenham. We are learning about the area’s industrial, infrastructural and creative spaces, as well as engaging people in a conversation about the future of the neighbourhood.

Listen to the overview of Carrington Road podcast by Front Yard Projects.

Wolli Creek

The Wolli Creek Valley might have been an 8-lane freeway, but it was saved by Sydney's longest conservation fight.

The valley is inner south-west Sydney's environmental gem – a tranquil haven in a busy city, preserving an irreplaceable remnant of the pre-European landscape.

For 40 years a struggle over Sydney's future has been fought out here, a struggle that isn't yet over. It's been a battle between freeways and public transport; between open space and over-development; between urban sprawl and consolidation; between high-carbon and sustainable futures.

View EcoTransit's amazing documentary [1 hr 15 mins] which includes lots of Wolli footage and a history of the freeway paradigm going back to Mussolini and Le Corbusier.

What on earth is going on?


Have you noticed a lot of cranes on the horizon lately? Real estate and rent skyrocketing?

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