Our position on affordable housing

After receiving feedback from our community members (via our website, an email notification and publication on our Facebook page) Save Marrickville has incorporated suggested changes and finalised our position on affordable housing. You can read it here.

For some time housing in our area has become more expensive. As local residents we are concerned to protect the physical character and charm of our neighbourhood, and it is also important to support the people who live in our community. Our community is made up of people on a range of incomes and various occupations, and that is a key part of the Marrickville community’s character. If all local housing becomes too expensive, Marrickville will lose many of the people who now live here.

This is a critically important area. Although Federal and State governments have the greatest opportunity to provide affordable housing, Inner West Council can also play a role through the new Affordable Housing Revised Scheme, provided it is properly targeted. We have distributed our written position to numerous Councillors.