Save Marrickville is a group of residents taking positive action to ensure that the growth of our suburb is planned properly for our community, the environment and future residents.

  • We want sympathetic well designed development and density with proper transition zones. Not over development or imposing high rise.
  • We would like planning control to be given back to council and the community.
  • We feel it is critical that our heritage and local character are preserved.
  • Marrickville’s industrial land should be preserved.
  • Infrastructure needs to be planned first before rezoning.
  • Affordable housing quotas must be in place.

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315-321 Illawarra Rd Development Application

We wanted to let the community know that an amended DA has been submitted to Inner West Council for 315-321 Illawarra Rd (DA201900421). Unfortunately many of the items of concern in our original objection to this DA in May 2020 have not been addressed. A summary of our objections to the amended DA lodged with Council in September 2020 are that in the proposal:

  1. The proposed building design and form including the street-front façade facing Illawarra Road is not sympathetic with other federation/ Edwardian buildings and shopfronts on this section of Illawarra Road, and should be redesigned to be sympathetic with the character of Marrickville Town Centre including Marrickville Road. The built form in the amended DA is even more unsympathetic to adjacent heritage buildings than in the original DA.
  2. The 6 storey building height in the amended DA is too high and should be limited to 5 storeys, which is the allowed height under the current LEP. Excessive height will unreasonably increase the building’s dominance over neighbouring commercial buildings and residences, negatively impact on the area’s character, and negatively impact shadowing and privacy.
  3. The building height where the façade/building front connects with Illawarra Road is too high at three storeys and should be two storeys to be sympathetic with the surrounding streetscape’s scale and character. This issue in our original proposal has not been addressed.
  4. The set-back from Illawarra Road for the storeys between 3 and 5 is not adequate and should be 12 metres, again to be sympathetic with the existing streetscape. This issue in our original proposal has not been addressed.
  5. Car parking spaces in the proposal are not adequate and should be increased from 12 to 28 car spaces for the proposed 30 odd studio apartments. This issue in our original proposal has not been addressed.
  6. The vehicular access in the proposal would create a risk and impede access for pedestrians, and should be redesigned to protect and preserve pedestrian access along Illawarra Road. This issue in our original proposal has not been addressed.
  7. Land use as Serviced Apartments is not consistent with existing land uses in the surrounding area, will provide no permanent accommodation for residents, and should not be viewed as a rationale for increasing building height and density, or reducing parking spaces.
  8. Is against the current Local Environment Plan regarding height and character, and sets a poor precedent as Council works with residents to frame the new LEP.

There isn't much time to object to this DA - submission close on Tuesday 29th September. You can view the documentation (including an image of the proposed building) and make a submission via the application tracking portal on the Inner West Council website.

DA for 2-18 Station Street Marrickville

Save Marrickville has prepared a submission objecting to the DA for 10 storey boarding house at 2-18 Station St Marrickville. We encourage you to view the development application via the Inner West Council website and make you own submission. The deadline for submissions is the 14th September and you can email submissions to council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Our submission covers:

Height and bulk - 33% over existing height limits & 66% over floor space ratio
The proposed building height of 10 storeys and 34 metres is well above the allowed limit under the Council’s current LEP.

Set backs, shadowing and privacy
The proposed building does not have set backs or transition to adjacent properties, which are one and two storeys high.

Parking – completely inadequate for proposed resident numbers and business needs
The DA proposes 46 parking spaces for the 130 rooms (potentially 244 residents).

Character and heritage
The current proposal due to its height, bulk, lack of transition and design, is completely out of character with the surrounding historic streetscape.

No guarantee of affordable housing
The development application suggests that this development will provide significant affordable housing, with 80% occupied by key workers or students. However there is no evidence to support these suggestions, which should be given no weight in consideration of this DA

The full submission can be viewed here.

Marrickville Station Design & Precinct Plan

Sydney Metro (City & Southwest) has released a draft Station Design and Precinct Plan (SDPP) for Marrickville Station. The plan shows how the new station design has developed and how it will integrate with the surrounding precinct. You can view it here.

We have compiled our own feedback and you can read the full report here

Summary of our key feedback on the Plan is that Save Marrickville:

  1. Supports planned conservation of the original layout and finishes of station buildings.
  2. Is concerned at proposed removal of heritage brick platform walls and requests more information.
  3. Recommends inclusion of rest rooms for both men and women on both platforms, to be accessible and available at all times.
  4. Recommends heritage station buildings and platforms be retained for use by the public and for provision of public transport for the public, and not for private commercial gain.
  5. Recommends heritage ticket office on Platform 2 be made available for public use.
  6. Recommends design of Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) and Mechanical Gap Fillers (MGFs) do not devalue the character and heritage value of the station buildings and platforms.
  7. Supports completion of a shared cycle and pedestrian pathway between Station and Myrtle Streets.
  8. Requests more detailed information and opportunity for further feedback regarding the proposed design and use of station buildings, and proposed design of Platform Screen Doors and Mechanical Gap Fillers, as details cannot be determined from diagrams or text.

If you have any concerns or feedback on the Plan we urge you to let Sydney Metro know. Feedback on the Plan can be emailed to southwestmetro@transport.nsw.gov.au by 5pm Friday 24 July 2020.

If this is the first you have heard about the Marrickville Station Plan you might want to register with Sydney Metro for updates which you can do through their website here.


Illawarra Rd DA

Council is considering a development application for 315-321 Illawarra Road, which would demolish existing federation houses and build 5 storeys of 38 serviced apartments. Save Marrickville has sent an objection/submission regarding this DA. The full DA papers can be found at the following Council link, by entering DA201900421.


We are asking you to consider whether you are able to make a short objection/submission regarding this DA. You could include that:

  • The proposed building would spoil the character of this historic area of federation shops.
  • 3 storey building frontage at Illawarra Rd is too high and would dominate the surrounding 2 storey buildings.
  • Set back of only 6 metres from Illawarra Road for the higher storeys is not enough.
  • The proposed design and decoration of the building does not match that of federation shop fronts along Illawarra Road.

You can email your objection/submission ASAP to Council at council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au and quote DA201900421.


Proposed Council amendment on Carrington Road and future residential development

Inner West Council’s draft Housing Strategy includes the text “...Carrington Road is identified as significantly restrained and should not be considered for residential purposes” (p112, 6.2.3). At the next Council meeting on Tuesday 3rd of March there is a proposed amendment to remove the words “should not be considered for residential purposes.” We understand that this amendment was requested by the Carrington precinct landowners and the developer Mirvac.

Save Marrickville believes that this amendment would represent a significant shift in Council’s position on the potential residential development of Carrington Road, and the preservation of industrial land. We have talked to some Councillors and emailed them to let them know that we are opposed to the proposed amendment and want to retain the original wording.

Council will vote on this at its meeting at Ashfield Civic Centre, 260 Liverpool Road Ashfield, which starts 6.30 pm Tuesday 3rd March. The meeting is open to the public if people are interested to attend.

NEWS UPDATE (4th March 2020)

Save Marrickville members attended last night's Council meeting (Tuesday 3rd March) and are pleased to report that the original wording of Council's draft Housing Strategy “...Carrington Road is identified as significantly restrained and should not be considered for residential purposes” (p112, 6.2.3) was retained. We were particularly heartened by Mayor Darcy Byrne's strong statements about not supporting rezoning of the Carrington Rd industrial land now or into the future. We would like to thank and acknowledge the support of Councillors. We had valuable discussions with Councillors Mark Drury (Labor), Colin Hesse (Greens) and Pauline Lockie (Progressive Independent).

Save Marrickville and Inner West Council’s strategic planning

The Inner West Council publicly exhibited a number of important strategic documents last year. Council is operating to a very tight deadline to produce a draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) this year. This means that their draft Housing Strategy, draft Employment and Retail Lands Strategy and draft Local Strategic Planning Statement were released in succession in the latter part of 2019. It is difficult for any community member to properly digest these documents and make a considered submission and we thank those who were able to make their voice heard by responding to Council. There will be more opportunities to contribute to Council’s strategic planning this year as we expect Council to publicly exhibit a draft LEP this year, which will set out Council’s future plans for our area’s zonings and building heights. It will be critical for the community to respond. We will publish dates of exhibition on our Facebook page and here on our website.

As a group we submitted submissions to many of their draft strategies which you can view in the links published below.

Local Strategic Planning Statement

As a key step in its planning for our area’s future, in September, Inner West Council released Our Place Inner West, its draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) which includes Marrickville.

Save Marrickville provided a written response  and met with Council’s planning staff twice to discuss the draft plan. Some key areas covered were:

– In its retail centre hierarchy, Council has classified Marrickville’s retail area as a Town Centre, which is smaller scale than a Major Centre (Ashfield) but larger than a Local Centre (Dulwich Hill). In discussion with Council it appears the intention is that Marrickville Town Centre will have medium density development above shops and near the station, in the order of five storeys, rather than higher density.

– Marrickville is included as a Low Carbon, High Performance Precinct which are usually areas of greatest change and growth. These indicators usually give the green light to justify intense development. SM has therefore advocated strongly for Council to include a statement in that section of the LSPS, to make it clear that Marrickville is not an area of major growth and transformation.

– Council wants to retain industrial land in our area, and has not changed its position on this issue.

– We have argued for a tight definition of affordable housing in new developments, so that it is actually affordable (no more than 30% of income), for people on low incomes (lowest 40%), and managed by social housing agencies.

Council has revised the draft strategy taking into account the 117 survey responses and 65 separate submission from individuals/groups. The majority of respondents were from Dulwich Hill and Marrickville. The report on responses can be read here.

Council will determine whether to endorse the draft LSPS (with amendments recommended as a result of the public exhibition) for submission to the Greater Sydney Commission at the next Council meeting on 25 February 2020.

Housing Strategy and Employment and Retail Lands Strategy

Save Marrickville also provided a written response to Council regarding both the Housing Strategy  and the Employment and Retails Lands Strategy which you are welcome to read. Some key areas covered were:

– We indicated our support for Council’s goal to protect industrial land.

– We requested detailed heritage studies to be conducted for all of Marrickville with the aim of providing invaluable information about the current state of heritage that may be used to create Heritage Conservation areas.

– We were pleased to note that the IWC will meet housing targets without the need to re-zone land.

– We expressed our concern that Marrickville will be asked to take more of the share of future density to meet increasing population and housing targets imposed by the NSW State Government.

– We support the Council to assertively work towards closing the significant supply gap of affordable housing in our local government area. 

Council has released their response documents to community engagement which you can read here and here.

Council will determine whether to adopt the draft housing strategy (with amendments recommended as a result of the public exhibition) and seek endorsement from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for the strategies at the 25 February 2020 Council Meeting. 

Council also released other strategy documents during 2019 such as the Integrated Transport Strategy  and the Economic Development Strategic Plan which we were unable to comment on due to limited time and resources. Please get in touch if you would like to help out.

Planning announcement on Sydenham to Bankstown corridor affects Marrickville

NSW Department of Planning has announced a new planning approach for the Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor. The information from Planning says that they will work with Councils to develop a high level strategy, which will inform Council’s future changes to planning controls. See Planning’s information here.

Save Marrickville is not yet clear what this means for our area and will request a meeting with the Minister for Planning’s office to get more detail. Last year the government agreed to return planning along the corridor to Councils. We need to know how this new approach affects Council’s control of planning and its current work with the community to produce a new Local Environment Plan (LEP), and implications for the level of future development in Marrickville.

We have also received a media release on this announcement from our local MP Jo Haylen and the Mayor of Inner West Council. Read it here.

News – October 2019

We will be at Marrickville Festival this Sunday 20th October. Come and visit our stall on Marrickville Road (towards the Marrickville Town Hall end) and say hello.

Some other important October news

The Inner West Council has recently released a suite of critical planning documents. They are currently on public exhibition.

One of those documents is the Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). All Council areas are required to prepare a LSPS by the State government. It will be a pivotal tool for local strategic planning in the inner west and it identifies where further strategic planning effort is needed which includes Marrickville. In practice, the statements will shape how the local environmental plan (LEP) and development control plans (DCP) evolve over time.

This is our chance to help shape the future of the inner west. The statement sets out the vision for our area under 6 themes including transport, sustainability, economy, culture and character. We urge everyone to take the time to look at the statement and submit their feedback to Council (or give feedback face-to-face at Council's stall at the festival this weekend). 


The second document to note is the Employment And Retail Lands strategy! This strategy prioritises the long-term supply of industrial land, more commercial space and identifies distinct areas of business and employment lands. It provides clear controls for productive commercial and industrial land uses to facilitate job growth and thriving economies. Again we urge you to spend a little time reviewing this document and sending your thoughts to Council. You can make a written submission to Council OR you can fill in the guided online survey.


Both of these draft documents are open for submission until Sunday 27th October. This opportunity will not come around for many, many, many years to come!!

Housing Strategy for the Inner West

Recent changes to planning legislation in NSW means that the Inner West Council is required to develop a local housing strategy in consultation with the community. This strategy needs to be consistent with the Greater Sydney Commission's Greater Sydney Region Plan A Metropolis of Three Cities and the Eastern City District Plan. The Council currently has a draft housing strategy on public exhibition. We are encouraging everyone interested in housing to take a look at the documentation and submit their feedback to Council. The deadline is the 28th July.

This is an unique opportunity to be involved in the strategic direction of housing in our community. If you want to make a real impact to the types of housing development and the identification of parts of the Inner West more or less suitable for housing development, this is your chance. Please take the time to let Council know what you think of their Local Housing Strategy. This strategy will feed into the Inner West LEP that is being created right now. 

Find out more the Local Housing Strategy

If you want to talk to someone about the strategy you can turn up to one of the information sessions. Dates, venues and times are listed here.

A draft transport strategy is also on public submission so you might like to take a look at that one too.

Find out more about the Integrated Transport Strategy

Carrington Road visit from UNSW Urban Renewal students

As part of a day-long field trip taking in a series of urban renewal projects and sites along the Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor, Associate Professor Simon Pinnegar and thirty-five UNSW Faculty of Built Environment students visited Marrickville’s large Carrington Road industry precinct to hear from the Save Marrickville resident group. Save Marrickville were able to share the organisation’s interest and involvement in this important site and discuss the crucial value of the area for producing things that are needed in the Inner Sydney region.


Save Marrickvile student visit

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