Media - Best use of the metro line is at Parramatta

"A Parramatta metro line would do infinitely more to relieve Sydney's growing rail congestion than a conversion of the Bankstown line." - Dr Dick Day, a retired urban planner and senior manager of Sydney's rail system with experience in timetable preparation and the development and introduction of new railways and rolling stock.

Read his article here.  SMH 22 January 2018

Media - Sydenham to Bankstown strategy

Traffic will be a nightmare for Marrickville when our train line is closed to build the Metro line.

Dust, dirt, noise and traffic will be the daily reality in Marrickville during the construction of the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro line.

What is the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy?

According to Planning NSW the Sydenham to Bankstown Strategy (SBCS) is an ‘urban renewal strategy that provides approaches to growth with infrastructure delivery and development coordinated along the corridor’.

The PR around the strategy talks about retaining heritage and character, adding open spaces and providing community centres.

When we looked at the strategy we did not see any infrastructure delivery or respect for heritage.

The SBCS is a plan for mass rezoning for high rise residential apartments with no new schools or roads. There are dubiously named open spaces... a drainage canal was described as a linear park!

We see crowded schools, congested roads, a loss of our heritage architecture and a loss of local jobs as industrial land makes way for high rise apartments.

Save Marrickville are not alone, we talk to and coordinate with a number of other residents groups such as:


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