Another update on 315-321 Illawarra Rd

Another update on 315-321 Illawarra Rd

A revised development application has been submitted for 315-321 Illawarra Road. The proposed development is ‘to demolish existing improvements and construct a 6 storey mixed use building comprising retail and commercial tenancies with serviced apartments above and basement parking.’ It is important to note that the previous DA was rejected by Inner West Council. 

Local residents have contacted Save Marrickville with their concerns. There is a petition you can sign objecting to the development in its current form. It can be viewed and signed here. 

Submissions can be lodged with Council until 19th May, 2022 via this link.

Save Marrickville has previously objected to this proposal and you can read our earlier submission here. It appears that the new DA is similar to the revised proposal. The objections that we had to the DA as lodged with Council in September 2020 were: 

  1. The proposed building design and form including the street-front façade facing Illawarra Road is not sympathetic with the federation/ Edwardian buildings and shopfronts on this section of Illawarra Road, and should be redesigned to be sympathetic with the character of Marrickville Town Centre on Marrickville and Illawarra Roads. 
  2. The 6 storey building height in the amended DA is too high and should be limited to 5 storeys, which is the allowed height under the current Local Environment Plan. Excessive height will unreasonably increase the building’s dominance over neighbouring commercial buildings and residences, negatively impact on the area’s character, and negatively impact shadowing and privacy. 
  3. The building height where the façade/ building front connects with Illawarra Road is too high at three storeys and should be two storeys to be sympathetic with the surrounding streetscape’s scale and character.
  4. The set-back from Illawarra Road for the storeys between three and five is not adequate and should be twelve metres, again to be sympathetic with the existing streetscape. 
  5. Car parking spaces in the proposal are not adequate and should be increased from twelve to twenty eight car spaces for the proposed thirty six studio apartments. 
  6. The vehicular access in the proposal would create a risk and impede access for pedestrians, and should be redesigned to protect and preserve pedestrian access along Illawarra Road. 
  7. Land use as Serviced Apartments is not consistent with existing land uses in the surrounding area, will provide no permanent accommodation for residents, and should not be viewed as a rationale for increasing building height and density, or reducing parking spaces

Further Information

The full document on why council rejected the previous application can be viewed here.

The latest submitted DA can be viewed here.

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