IWLPP refuses 315 Illawarra Rd DA

IWLPP refuses 315 Illawarra Rd DA

The Inner West Local Planning Panel has refused the demolition of 3 houses and the development application for 6 storeyed serviced apartments at 315-321 Illawarra Rd. The proposed building towered over the Central Avenue residents and would have overshadowed them and stolen light and privacy.

Marrickville residents including two from Central Avenue and a Save Marrickville Representative addressed the panel via Zoom on Tuesday 8th December to express objections to the DA.

The decision of the panel was unanimous in its rejection of the proposal which was not considered to be in the public interest. Reasons listed by the panel to support their refusal of the DA include:

- The development represents a significant variation from the height of buildings development standard in the Marrickville LEP 2011.

- The development is inconsistent with the desired future character objectives for the Marrickville Town Centre Commercial Planning Precinct.

- The development results in unacceptable visual privacy on adjoining residential development.

- The proposal does not exhibit design excellence.

Thank you to all the people who wrote submissions regarding this DA.

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