An update on local planning

An update on local planning

Marrickville is synonymous with diversity. This is why everyone should take the time to have their say on the new Local Environment Plan (LEP) which will shape what our suburb looks and feels like. 

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What has happened?

Shortly before our community meeting on 22nd September the Council withdrew the urban design studies for Marrickville, Dulwich Hill and North Ashfield. The mayor announced that Council would seek advice from the State government over how to spread the LGA’s housing targets.

Subsequently, Council Jessica D’Arenizo put a motion regarding the LEP to Council which can be read here (look for Item 16). Importantly for the community the motion included these 2 points: 

  • - Report to Council outlining all the options available with an expanded LEP process including a comprehensive community consultation plan.
  • - Convene a roundtable discussion inviting renters, owners, businesses, community groups, advocacy groups and planners to discuss shared objectives with a local government wide LEP approach.

The motion was unanimously supported by all Councillors.

What you need to do?

We urge people to keep an eye out for information about how they can become involved in the LEP consultation process as Council works on a new way to co-design this process. Save Marrickville is only one voice among many and we are keen for as many people who live and work in our community to be part of the process. Make sure you are signed up to receive emails from the IW Council.

Why is the LEP so important?

  • - The LEP sets out the rules of where development can occur and what that development looks like.
  • - The set rules cannot be easily changed.
  • - Developments that meet the rules are approved and there is nothing anyone can do to oppose it. 
  • - DA’s can only be opposed on the grounds that they contravene the rules in the LEP. 

This is why as a community we need to work together to establish rules that work for everyone - residents, renters, business owners and commercial tenants.

Save Marrickville’s goals

Save Marrickville  hasn’t wavered from the goals we originally agreed upon back in 2017 in response to the Sydenham to Bankstown strategy. These are:

  • - We want sympathetic well-designed and sustainable development and density with proper transition zones. No higher than 5 storeys.
  • - We feel it is critical that our heritage and local character are preserved.
  • - Marrickville’s industrial and employment lands should be preserved.
  • - Infrastructure needs to be planned first before rezoning.
  • - Affordable housing quotas must be in place.

In addition we would like:

  • For development to be spread across the LGA
  • Proper community consultation

More information

  • - Many of you will have noticed construction on the former Church of Christ site at 389 Illawarra Rd. The development is a Nightingale/Fresh Hope project and it is due to be completed in late 2023. This development will be build-to-rent, which is the first time Nightingale has ventured into the BTR market. The development will contain 54 micro apartments, approximately 30sq.m in size. More information here. 
  • - An interesting piece from Tim Sneesby about the supply myth.

Construction site on Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

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