DA for 2-18 Station Street Marrickville

DA for 2-18 Station Street Marrickville

Save Marrickville has prepared a submission objecting to the DA for 10 storey boarding house at 2-18 Station St Marrickville. We encourage you to view the development application via the Inner West Council website and make you own submission. The deadline for submissions is the 14th September and you can email submissions to [email protected]

Our submission covers:

Height and bulk - 33% over existing height limits & 66% over floor space ratio
The proposed building height of 10 storeys and 34 metres is well above the allowed limit under the Council’s current LEP.

Set backs, shadowing and privacy
The proposed building does not have set backs or transition to adjacent properties, which are one and two storeys high.

Parking – completely inadequate for proposed resident numbers and business needs
The DA proposes 46 parking spaces for the 130 rooms (potentially 244 residents).

Character and heritage
The current proposal due to its height, bulk, lack of transition and design, is completely out of character with the surrounding historic streetscape.

No guarantee of affordable housing
The development application suggests that this development will provide significant affordable housing, with 80% occupied by key workers or students. However there is no evidence to support these suggestions, which should be given no weight in consideration of this DA

The full submission can be viewed here.