Urgent – NSW government plans will destroy the character of Inner West

Urgent – NSW government plans will destroy the character of Inner West

Make submissions by 23 February

The NSW Planning recent proposals to create more housing will mean that all residential areas, town centres and station precincts will be open to major development. This will greatly change the character of your area, with 75% of Inner West LGA affected.


The published Changes to create low and mid-rise housing, released in December:


  • Allow 3 storey units in low rise residential areas, and 6 to 8 storeys in medium rise residential within 800 metres of a train station or town centre.
  • Heritage protection will no longer apply to Inner West areas impacted, such as King Street Newtown. The Rocks is also not protected.
  • Councils will have no power to plan or control these developments.


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Draft submission:


I request that the proposed Changes to create low- and mid-rise housing be withdrawn and re-considered in discussion with local Councils and communities. My objections include that:

  • These changes will destroy the character of the Inner West
  • 2 storey units will be allowed in low rise residential areas, and 3 storeys (12.3 metres) through an affordable housing bonus in all R2 zones
  • 8 storeys will be allowed in all R3 medium rise zones or mixed use within 400 metres of a train station or town centre, with the affordable housing bonus, and 6 storeys within 800 metres
  • Transport Oriented Development will allow 6 or 8 storeys within 400 metres of Marrickville and Dulwich Hill Stations, without Council planning or consideration of local character
  • Heritage protection will no longer apply to affected areas, so historic precincts such as The Rocks, and King Street Newtown, could be lost to development
  • These changes will side-line planning and approvals by Councils, and any community involvement
  • Very little affordable housing will be created, despite concessions to developers
  • Council planning control and heritage protection should be preserved, and no affordable housing bonus applied to these residential areas
  • Councils should be allowed to develop Urban Design Plans for station precincts and town centres, which deliver more housing and make the best value of an area’s character.

See link to the Transport Oriented Development Program, which is connected

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