Our meeting with the Greater Sydney Commission

Our meeting with the Greater Sydney Commission

The Greater Sydney Commission invited community groups and the Inner West Council to meet with them on 22 May 2018.

Save Marrickville was represented by Heather Davie and Paul Mortimer, who reported that they “felt genuinely heard” by the commission.

At the meeting, community representatives put their concerns regarding development to the commission and asked that preservation of character and industrial land be given greater emphasis.

Save Marrickville also requested that the Inner West Council and the local community be given much more involvement in decisions on local development.

A copy of the Marrickville Character Study published by the Save Marrickville group, was presented to the Greater Sydney Commission. Check it out here.

Save Marrickville are organising a community meeting to let you know about our work and the developments (ha!) so far. Sign up to receive an invitation by email.


GSC 22 May 2018

Rod Simpson (Greater Sydney Environment Commissioner), Darcy Byrne (Mayor, Inner West Council), Peter Olive (Sydenham - Bankstown Alliance), Heather Davie (Save Marrickville) and Morris Iemma (Greater Sydney Commissioner).

Also present were Greg Woodhams (ED City Planning GSC), Paul Mortimer (Save Marrickville), Mark Skelsey (Save Dully) and David Birds (Inner West Council Manager Strategic Planning).

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