Plan to rezone Marrickville

Plan to rezone Marrickville

What Marrickville could look like in 15-20 years under the NSW govt rezoning plan.

White: Single dwellings 1-2 storeys (where we are now mostly)

Yellow: Low rise housing 2-4 storeys

Blue: Shop top housing 3-5 storeys (Revolution - old RSL)

Orange: Medium rise housing 5-7 storeys

Red: Medium/high rise housing 8 storeys

Black: High rise housing. Three height categories: 9-12 storeys, 13-18 storeys, 19-35 storeys.

What can you do? First, read the Save Marrickville group's submission in regards to the plan. 


We've built a model to show you the proposed scale of development in Marrickville (November 2017) for 2020.