Reports from our meetings with key decision makers

Save Marrickville meetings with Planning Minister and key decision makers

Save Marrickville have been working hard to ensure that the matters that are important to the Marrickville community are being heard by the NSW government, opposition and Planning NSW.

22 Jan 2018 – We met with the Greater Sydney Commission

Save Marrickville outlined our concerns to a senior manager at the Commission, regarding proposed overdevelopment, and poor planning and infrastructure. The manager undertook to report our concerns to the Commissioners, in particular regarding loss of industrial land. The Commission, which is an advisory body only, appears to genuinely support retention of industrial zoning in our area.

8 Feb 2018 – We met with Anthony Roberts MP, NSW Minister for Planning

We explained our concerns about the proposal for 35 storeys in Carrington Rd and the Priority (Planned) Precinct rezoning of large areas around Marrickville station for high density and high rise. Planning NSW senior managers were present at the meeting.

The Minister expressed some understanding regarding excessive heights proposed, and proposals for 8 storeys zoned next to single storey buildings.

We discussed the potential loss of industrial land and 1800 jobs near Carrington Rd, how this would affect Marrickville and Sydney as a whole, and that losing this industrial land is against the advice of the Greater Sydney Planning Commission’s report. We discussed the industries in the Carrington Rd Precinct – such as car repair workshops, bakers, manufacturing, service industries and artists.

The Minister seemed to understand our concerns about the loss of character of Marrickville if overdeveloped. We explained the history of Marrickville as a gateway to new migrants and how this history is reflected in the character and houses in the area, and that the heritage in Marrickville is more than just Victorian era houses. We explained that Mirvac and other developers are using Marrickville’s character to sell their developments – the exact same developments that will destroy this character. We also covered the impact that high density would have on the narrow roads, traffic and the little active green space we have in the area.

The Minister asked NSW Planning to work with us and look more at our concerns, particularly around preserving the character of Marrickville. Save Marrickville are now working on a report to NSW Planning on what makes Marrickville unique and preserving the character of our area.

8 Feb 2018 – We met with Michael Daley, NSW Shadow Minister for Planning

Save Marrickville outlined our concerns for both Mirvac’s proposal for 35 storeys in Carrington Rd, the planned high density rezoning around Marrickville station, and loss of industrial land.

The Shadow Minister asked for more information about the industries in the Carrington Rd Precinct and Save Marrickville will be providing this information. The Shadow Minister confirmed that the Labor Party will tear up the Priority Precinct plans if elected.

Affordable housing submission to the Department of Planning

"Affordable Housing should be automatically built into the planning process and should be at least 30% of any new development. The old hospital site in Marrickville has only designated 9 units out of 221 as ‘affordable’ (4%). This is not nearly high enough."

Read the Save Marrickville Resident Groups Submission to the Department of Planning’s SEPP 70 Affordable Housing 30/1/2018

Say NO to Sydenham - Bankstown rail conversion! Rally 17 Feb 18

Join us and the Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance at 2pm Sat 17 Feb, 2018. Meet at the Archibald fountain, Hyde Park north and march to Martin Place.

"Residents along the rail corridor are being asked to go through five years of delay and disruption to be provided with a rail service that they already have. The emphasis should be on new rail - not conversions." Peter Olive, spokesperson Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance

"The Parramatta Metro should be constructed instead of the Bankstown line metro conversion." Dr Dick Day, retired senior manager of Sydney's rail system.


Media - Best use of the metro line is at Parramatta

"A Parramatta metro line would do infinitely more to relieve Sydney's growing rail congestion than a conversion of the Bankstown line." - Dr Dick Day, a retired urban planner and senior manager of Sydney's rail system with experience in timetable preparation and the development and introduction of new railways and rolling stock.

Read his article here.  SMH 22 January 2018

Media - Victoria Road

Rezoning of industrial land will take jobs from Marrickville.

Media - Sydenham to Bankstown strategy

Traffic will be a nightmare for Marrickville when our train line is closed to build the Metro line.

Dust, dirt, noise and traffic will be the daily reality in Marrickville during the construction of the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro line.

Media - Rezoning

Affordable housing is not solved by private developments.

This is why Save Marrickville opposed the mass rezoning of our suburb.

"Saddest was the Sydenham to Bankstown plan - and Marrickville, which as far as I can see will be largely destroyed." We agree with you Elizabeth Farrelly!

Media - Overview

Media - Carrington Road

High density, high rise is not what we want for Marrickville and many other suburbs are saying the same thing.

Rezoning of industrial land in Sydney is pricing industry out. We need to preserve our industrial lands in Marrickville.

This is the type of density and bad design that Save Marrickville oppose.

Some of the businesses we will lose with the rezoning of industrial land for high rise development.

Action taken by the Save Marrickville group

Save Marrickville formed in July 2017 as Save Marrickville South. We didn't know each other at all, but started to meet up and discuss the proposed rezoning of our suburb.

  • In October 2015 the then Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, announced a plan to 'revitalise' the 11 stations on the Sydenham to Bankstown rail line so that the government could capitalise on the Sydney Metro SW rail line project.

  • The Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Strategy is actually a plan to rezone large swathes of Marrickville (and all the suburbs along the line) to significantly increase density, and add 6000 new dwellings to Marrickville, all without plans for critical infrastructure like schools, parks, roads and hospitals.

  • We regularly meet people who are unaware of what is being proposed for Marrickville. Many people don’t know that the Marrickville population is proposed to increase by two thirds if this plan goes ahead. Please talk to your neighbours!

Save Marrickville's group submission in regards to the rezoning plan is comprehensive and documents our concerns. The first revision of the plan received 1440 submissions from the public.

  • We built a Lego model  to show the scale of the highrise proposed and displayed it at information sessions held by Planning NSW, polling booths and at Marrickville Festival. You can check it out at Addison Road markets on Sundays.

  • In July 2017, the revised Sydenham to Bankstown strategy was released by the Government. Not much had changed in the Marrickville plan - in fact densities had increased.

  • In August 2017, the Made in Marrickville report was released by QUT, Monash and Wollongong University academics. It documents the number and diversity of businesses on both sides of Carrington Road, Myrtle Street and Renwick Street. They found 223 enterprises, supplying approx 1800 jobs. It highlights the importance of keeping the existing zoning for industrial uses.

  • In September 2017, Inner West council elections were held and over development was a key election issue.

  • In October 2017, Anthony Albanese MP blew the whistle on the Carrington Road precinct planning proposal when he expressed his shock in the media at Mirvac’s plans.

  • Inner West council’s response to the planning proposal was made public and we discovered that Mirvac is requesting to rezone 7.8 hectares of land from the current industrial zoning to R4 high density residential and B2 local centre - this would make it impossible for many of the businesses to remain. If the zoning changes, certain types of activity will not be allowed and rents will rise, forcing people out. The buildings are 35 storeys high!

  • 500 people attended a public meeting about Carrington Road at Marrickville Town Hall. The proposal is a request to change the zoning of the land and it is not yet a done deal. However, if the council refuses the zoning proposal, Mirvac can go directly to the state government for approval.

  • NSW Labor and Greens have committed to scrap the Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Strategy if they form government at the state election in 2019.

Save Marrickville members have attended public meetings about the rezoning held by Inner West Council and NSW Planning Department. We have been invited to present to these organisations in smaller meetings.

We convened a public meeting on 30 November 2017 where a motion was passed unanimously by over 120 people.

MOTION: Save Marrickville local residents will not accept the destruction of our neighbourhood through over development and high rise. Marrickville must be properly planned in the interests of the people who will live and work here, with 

      • sympathetic development and density; 
      • local council and community control of planning; 
      • preserved heritage and local character; 
      • preserved industrial lands and employment; and 
      • planning of infrastructure first, including schools, parks, roads, affordable housing and parking.

  • Our group have applied to the Office of Environment and Heritage for Carrington Road Industrial Precinct to be recognised by a State heritage listing. The precinct is an important site in the State's industrial past as well as for migrants settling in Australia after the second world war.

  • We've printed two corflute posters for sale at $10 each to raise awareness and funds for our campaign. Purchase from our stall at Addison Road market on Sundays or email
  • We are preparing media releases and planning activities in preparation for the release of the final strategy and Marrickville plan. According to NSW Planning staff, that is likely to be between Christmas Eve 2017 and sometime in January 2018

  • We will need to mobilise quickly when the new Marrickville Plan is released so please keep an eye out for Facebook posts and emails calling for people to rally. Be ready to act with us!